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Amy Winehouse and Proper Detox

Quitting alcohol on your own can be fatal. Your body gets use to the substance and can go into shock when the substance is not available. Please, when you come to the decision to quit drinking, bring yourself to a local hospital or detox center. You will be there for a few days with professional staff to help monitor the withdrawals and help keep you safe. The best time to do this is now.
Quitting Alcohol Killed Amy Winehouse, Family Sources Say Read more:

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Insurance Update

Phoenix Mental Health is now in-network with TriWest (TriCare) insurance company. If you are a member of a military family, on Triwest, and needing mental health counseling, please go to and contact our clinic. Soon to be offering online, through Skype, mental health counseling for those on TriWest insurance.

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Patch Adams

Although Patch Adams the film was a decent film and story, but it was only one story of his life. It left out what was most important to his life. The main story of his life.

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Harlene Anderson

Harlene Anderson has been very influential in the postmodern and collaborative psychotherapy field. She is a pleasure to listen to and read. The book she helped edit titled, “Collaborative Therapy: Relationships and Conversations that make A Difference. (Anderson & Gehart)” from Routlege: New York, is groundbreaking.

Harlene Anderson- sep 08-A Shared Inquiry from Dawn Dole on Vimeo.

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